i was zenonzequel

Anonymous asked: Okay here is my problem I love u and Molly and u guys are the cutest but I'm too much of a weenie to talk 2 u I feel like ur so much cooler than me nd I am a weenie 8(

no reason to feel that way at all!!

Anonymous asked: cara i couldnt cover for someone at work today and i feel really bad because they had to go in anyway and i feel like they are gonna hate me. i know this is dumb but i feel like a terrible person

I mean you’re not the only one who could’ve covered and if u couldn’t do it then it’s not ur fault!! it’ll be ok pumpkin

Anonymous asked: hello carosene I bet you're annoyed of this but I'm seeing the 1975 next month and I'm going with my mom (sadly I'm underaged) and we are both claustrophobic so do you think we will be okay with GA if we don't push (you didn't answer it in your last ask I'm so srry for asking) like my mom may have a panic attack or smth

definitely stay towards the back or sides bc u will get pushed in the pit I promise and it’s not worth the risk. u can enjoy the show just as much from a little farther back and if there’s a balcony that’s even better!!

Anonymous asked: Cara I went to a rehoming centre and I'm getting a cat at the weekend!! He was found in a bin shed but he's healthy now and he's black and will get lost in my closet but still

eeeeeep yay rescue cats!!